FAST FOOD NEWS: KFC Secret Recipe Fries

KFC Secret Recipe Fries

KFC is known for its seasoned potato wedges, but the chicken chain is testing a new product that might make you forget about the crispy fluffy potato wedges.

Secret Recipe Fries have been spotted by Impulsive Buy reader Angela D. at a KFC location in Greenfield, Indiana. From the name, it’s safe to assume these fries have been seasoned with the Colonel’s secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

It’s also safe to assume, because KFC and Taco Bell are operated by Yum! Brands, this idea was sparked by the popularity of Taco Bell’s Nacho Fries.

If you’ve tried it or seen it in your area, let us know in the comments.

6 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: KFC Secret Recipe Fries”

  1. Literally just tried them. They were ok, similar texture to Taco Bell’s. Nothing particularly special.

  2. Yep , went to order wedges here in Mid state NC and the location had the fries… not too bad but nothing to right home about.

  3. Just had these at the Rahway NJ location. If the intention was to approximate the taste of sweet potato fries using regular potatoes, than they totally nailed it.

  4. I remember one of the first times i visited the states (from UK) we were amazed that KFC did not serves fries (this was before they did wedges) and as a 9 yr old I was so upset as Kentucky Fried Chicken had my favourite fries. They’ve been changing them over the past decade or so and I’m not convinced on their latest iteration – these at least look nicer than the ones in the UK

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