SPOTTED: General Mills Hershey’s Kisses Cereal

General Mills Hershey s Kisses Cereal

If General Mills wants to jump on the board game bandwagon, it could use the same shape as its Hershey’s Kisses Cereal, but make them fruity and in bright colors to make Sorry The Board Game Cereal. (Spotted by Bob K at Walmart.)

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10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: General Mills Hershey’s Kisses Cereal”

  1. is the kisses cereal walmart exclusive? i didn’t see it when i went into my local walmart yesterday. i did see the eggo cereal i have been looking for at my local walmart. i need to keep an eye out for the twinkies cereal as i forgot to look for it when i was at walmart yesterday. hopefully i can find the twinkies and the kisses cereal soon.

    1. Both I found at Walmart (Which Impulsive buy posted). Ask the workers to check the back of the store. Usually its stockpiled and not put out on shelves.

      1. what walmart do you shop at? as i did not see the kisses cereal yesterday and i forgot to look for the twinkies cereal yesterday. the eggo cereal was on a end cap next to the elf on a shelf cereal.

        1. Erie, PA
          Eggo was in middle aisle not cereal aisle
          Twinkies was in Cereal Aisle
          Hershey I had to ask them to pull out of back and then they put on Shelf.

          1. i looked online and it said my local walmart had them but when i asked someone in the cereal aisle about them they said if we had it it would be on the shelf. i guess they didn’t feel like going in the back to look for them. i assume they had them but i have no way of knowing for sure. hopefully they have them soon. maybe they aren’t out because there was no space for them. i saw the twinkies, lama loops and the shopkins cereal at my local walmart but not the kisses cereal.

  2. I guess ohio does not have them yet. Maybe twinkies cereal was there but I forgot to look for it. I didn’t see a space for the kisses cereal and I didn’t see anyone to ask either. I thought the kisses cereal wasn’t coming until January.

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