SPOTTED: Cheetos Popcorn (Flamin’ Hot and Cheddar)

Cheetos Popcorn Flamin Hot
Cheetos Popcorn Flamin’ Hot
Cheetos Popcorn Cheddar
Cheetos Popcorn Cheddar

I could see these in something like a Cheetos Mix-Ups. Along with these, 9.75 oz. bags, Cheetos Popcorn is also available in 2 oz. bags. (Spotted by Rachel J at Safeway.)

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9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Cheetos Popcorn (Flamin’ Hot and Cheddar)”

  1. I just bought a bag of the Flamin’ Hot popcorn the other day and it’s pretty good. It tastes pretty much how you would expect it to taste, but for some reason it seems a little hotter than the Cheetos. If you like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos I’d definitely recommend it. It isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s different enough that it’s worth a try.

  2. Cheetos flavored popcorn doesn’t seem very far out of the ordinary. If Doritos were to come out with a nacho cheese flavored popcorn, on the other hand, that would get more attention. Same with other Doritos flavors – Cool Ranch popcorn? That might work. Taco popcorn? Interesting.

  3. How is the Flamin’ hot popcorn any different from the Chester’s version already out for much cheaper?

    1. Theres puffcorn and popcorn in small bags at the gas station called Chesters. Not sure if its really new or just rebranded as Cheetos. Not sure I’ve seen the big big in the popcorn before?

  4. Okay, Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Popcorn tastes really similar to Chester’s Flamin’ Hot Popcorn. If you aren’t looking for a difference, you might not notice it. I do think Chester’s is better as it has a more rounded out flavor and tastes like Flamin’ seasoning and cheese, whereas Cheetos tastes like only Flamin’ seasoning – so much so that the popcorn is almost sour tasting? Maybe that’s the spice.

    I’d stick to Chester’s if you have it in your area.

    They’re both better than Smartfood Flamin’ Hot though.

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