SPOTTED: Breyers S’mores Layered Dessert

Breyers S mores Breyers S mores Layered Dessert Frozen Dairy DessertLayered Dessert Frozen Dairy Dessert

The small print on the bottom corner says, “Vanilla with other natural flavor and graham pieces between two layers of chocolate with marshmallow flavored pieces.” (Spotted by Eric S at Stop & Shop.)

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2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Breyers S’mores Layered Dessert”

  1. This is fine for a half-and-half (well, 2/3 chocolate-1/3 vanilla) Breyers frozen dairy with some marshamallow mix-ins but this didn’t taste like smores to me. The marshmallows (an OK amount, typical for Breyers) were good: decent size and a fairly firm texture, not quite toasted but neither rock hard nor gooey/mushy. The graham pieces were a disappointment, few and far between and with no crunch: the little bits of graham my batch were closer to a swirl (as opposed to pieces) with little taste, even failing to stand out from the vanilla base. The chocolate base was the standard Breyers frozen dairy base, which I like (within the expectations/only 7g of added sugar per serving). The vanilla was unmemorable (which I suppose is normal) but got quickly overwhelmed by/mixed in with the twice as much chocolate as I searched for graham pieces.

    Each person probably has their own ideal Smores balance, but this absolutely did not live up to mine. The vanilla base should have been graham or marshmallow (if they could do cheesecake flavored for Brownie Cheesecake, they could have done a non-vanilla here, too) to at least try to keep the chocolate from dominating the dessert. Not sure why they couldn’t have had a graham base sandwiching a layer of chocolate with marshmallow pieces throughout, or one layer each of graham, chocolate, and marshmallow, with the others’ pieces throughout each layer.

    I might try it again on sale and pretty much ignore the bland vanilla middle unless there were noticeable graham pieces, but this wasn’t I’d call smores, even though it had the smores parts (plus vanilla).

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