SPOTTED: Breyers Brownie Cheesecake Layered Dessert

Breyers Brownie Cheesecake Layered Dessert

The small print says, “Cheesecake flavor with other natural flavor and cheesecake pieces between two layers of chocolate with brownie pieces.” (Spotted by Dorothy at Giant Eagle)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Breyers Brownie Cheesecake Layered Dessert”

  1. Per the email I received from Breyers, there’s also a Peach Cobbler and a S’mores flavor in this new layered line of products.

  2. I follow this website, but I have never commented. I feel the need to comment on this though. I tried this a little while ago. I love brownies. I love cheesecake. I love ice cream.

    I hate *THIS* ice cream.

    The only word that perfectly encapsulates this ice cream is “flavorless.” Really. It has absolutely no flavor whatsoever, and that’s not an exaggeration. They might as well have marketed this as water-flavored ice cream. It would have been far more accurate.

    Do not waste your time buying this.

    1. Spot on Scott…because it’s not ice cream…it says “frozen dairy dessert” in small print on the package…it doesn’t meet the FDA’s requirements…Breyer’s started ripping customers off with this kinda stuff a few years back…if you feel like you’ve been cheated, you’re right.

      1. Fair enough, but my issue isn’t so much the fact that it’s a “frozen dairy dessert” and not actual ice cream. It’s the fact that there is literally 0% flavor in this concoction. None.

        You could blindfold me, slather a brick in BBQ sauce, have me take a blind taste test, and I’d say, “Hey, that BBQ brick just chipped my teeth!” But see how I still noticed it tastes like BBQ? Eating this “frozen dairy dessert” makes me say, “Why does this ice cream taste like air?” It’s flavorless, and should be ashamed of itself for besmirching the good names of both brownies and cheesecake.

  3. worst crap brand ever… blue bunny or private selctions if ur i ralphs r bomb.. their smores and moose travks r awesome… go outa business bryers…

  4. Advertising is very misleading with 100% milk AND cream plastered on the side whatever that means. They shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

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