SPOTTED: Chicken & Waffles Pringles

Chicken  Waffles Pringles

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

I was told these are exclusive to Dollar General. I was also told no waffles were harmed in the making of these. However, I do not know how many, if any, chickens were harmed to make these. Although, I imagine the chicken flavor was made by having Julius Pringles eat a lot of chicken strips and then combing his mustache to collect the oils and chicken strip breading crumbs that got trapped in it. (Spotted by @TheJoshCatlett at Dollar General.)

One thought to “SPOTTED: Chicken & Waffles Pringles”

  1. Thanks for that mustache visual… I no longer feel slighted that I won’t be able to find these!

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