BACK ON SHELVES: Fritos Bar-B-Q Corn Chips (2020)

Fritos Bar B Q  2020

I don’t think I’ve ever had Fritos Bar-B-Q before. But I’ve had Fritos Flavor Twist Honey BBQ more times than I can count on my toes and fingers covered in honey BBQ seasoning. (Spotted by Robbie at Dollar General.)

5 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Fritos Bar-B-Q Corn Chips (2020)”

  1. These never went away in Canada. In fact, it’s harder to find regular Fritos than it is to find BBQ.

  2. These would make a good “walking taco” using pulled pork or chix in place of ground beef.

  3. These are better than the twist. The flavor on the twists are a little too concentrated for my tastes.

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