SPOTTED: Hershey’s Milk Chocolate DC Super Hero Bars

Hershey s Milk Chocolate DC Super Hero Bars 1 4

Hershey s Milk Chocolate DC Super Hero Bars 5 7

Hershey s Milk Chocolate DC Super Hero Bars Snack Size

These are regular Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars in limited edition wrappers. So no Milk Kryptocolate, Dark Chocoknight, or Wonder Woman White Chocolate. The bars are also available in snack size multipacks that could have all seven characters in them. (Spotted by Purple Dave at Walmart.)

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  1. Limited edition wrappers AND superhero logos on the chocolate. Maybe the Cyborg ones have extra iron.

    1. The wrappers have nothing to do with whats stamped in the chocolate. I’ve bought several and they are all randomized.

      1. Batman gets the most, um, bar time(?), from what I’ve seen. So far, every mini bar I’ve eaten has one section with a Batman logo, a Batmobile, or a Bat-cowl. I think Superman and Wonder Woman are the next most common to be represented (WW has both a logo and a tiara). I’ve definitely seen Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Green Lantern logos, but more common than any of those four are the sound effects, like POW or BAM.

        I’ve only had two of the full-size bars, but I think they had identical patterns, unlike the mini bars. I don’t remember if all seven characters were represented in the full-size bar. If there are only three mini bar molds, the same number of symbols (12) could be used on a single full-size bar.

        1. Couple corrections to my post. Every mini-bar has Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman logos. Most bars have a sound effect, or one of the Batman/Wonder Woman secondary icons (batcowl, batmobile, tiara, or stars) in the fourth spot. It took a while, but I have actually identified mini-bars with each of the other four character logos in the fourth spot.

          The full-size bars always feature Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman logos, and every bar I’ve opened has had at least three of the other character logos (but I’ve only found three bar patterns that include all seven character logos). Every full-size bar has also included three tiles with batcowl/batmobile/tiara/stars, but never all four. None of these tiles has been featured on every bar pattern. The remaining 2-3 tiles are always sound effects, including BAM!, POW!, WHAM!!, ZAP!, and one instance that I’ve seen of HAHAHAHA. If they include all seven character logos, you only get two sound effects.

  2. Marvel/Star Wars/Disney–let’s sponsor Dole products and get kids eating more bananas, salads and healthy foods.


    1. They’re _supposed_ to be made publicly available (for a limited time) in July. The fact that they appeared in late May at Walmart only may indicate that they worked a deal with DC to get early-exclusive access. I’d say it could mean they broke street date, but they’re about 6 weeks early with these, and I can’t imagine anyone would want them to be sitting on a food item that long before shelving it.

  3. It’s never Shazam/Captain Marvel included in Justice League things. Always Aquaman and/or Cyborg. Cyborg is more of a Teen Titan than Justice Leaguer in the comic books.

    1. The Justice League just celebrated their 60th anniversary in February/March. At the time, Captain Marvel had been out of print for over 6 years due to a copyright infringement suit brought against Fawcett Comics by DC, for basically ripping off Superman. Other than one sneaky cameo in 1963, he wouldn’t come back onto the scene until 1972, after DC had bought out Fawcett and claimed their entire stable of characters. So, he’s never been associated with the Justice League, or at least not as a founding member.

      The first Justice League story only featured five members on the cover. They were Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. Batman and Superman were also original members, but rarely featured in any of the early stories.

      Fast Forward to the 70’s, and they dropped Flash, Martian Manhunter, and Green Lantern in favor of Robin and some bored kids, then the Wonder Twins, and then a quartet of international/racist stereotype characters. 2001 brought about the best rendition of the team to date, where they restored the original lineup…but subbed in Jon Stewart (black) for Hal Jordan (white) as Green Lantern, and swapped out Aquaman for Hawkgirl. Ever since then, except for some rare period pieces like Justice League: The New Frontier, they’ve tried to keep a more diverse lineup. Jon Stewart becomes a bit problematic because Hal Jordan is arguably more popular, so swapping out Martian Manhunter for Cyborg serves a similar purpose without upsetting as many fans. But Aquaman was one of the original Justice League members, and can be seen grappling with one of Starro’s arms in their debut appearance on the cover of The Brave and the Bold #28. He gets dropped a lot, largely due to the fishy limitations of his power set, but he’s just as often included as he’s also got super strength and can take a punch.

      1. Where do u live? I’ve been checking our walmart here in London ON and have yet to see them. Also, were they just in a stand by itself or in a particular section. Huge superman fan and I muse have these!!!

  4. Here’s some stats on these bars. The first batch that I found was in hanger boxes that were perched on one of those islands in front of the checkouts. One had been refilled with regular Hershey bars, one with unrelated candy, and the third had the Hero bars. Out of that batch, I was able to get all but Batman and Aquaman. At a different store, I found shelf boxes in the special candy racks facing the aisle next to the checkouts (but never actually _in_ the checkout lanes), where I was able to pick up the last two. Currently, that store only has three wrappers in stock (Superman, Flash, Aquaman), in two locations. It’s possible that I _may_ have bought out all the Batman wrappers that were left in that store…

    For the mini bars, I’ve bought two packs each of the Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman sleeves, but the wrapper breakdown is far from equitable. Of the 72 mini bars, I got 16 Superman, 8 Batman, 4 Wonder Woman, 12 Flash, 5 Cyborg, 13 Aquaman, and 14 Green Lantern.

    I still haven’t found the “snack size” bags, but now I’m not sure what they’ll be. The bag artwork (Wonder Woman and Superman for sure) shows the same type of bar that’s found in the 12-pack sleeve. Comparing the weights, the bags should come with 21 mini bars, which _could_ net you three complete sets.

  5. I just discovered these great bars last night at Wal Mart. I purchased 10 of the “long packs” of minis. Not a single
    Green Lantern out of 120 mini bars. When I got home and told my wife what I had found, she asked me if they
    had an collector value. That made me think of E Bay. The prices being asked for complete sets were surprising.

    1. I ran across 5-packs (again, limited to Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman on the outer wrapper). Of the packs I bought, I got 14 Supes, 9 Batman, 11 Wonder Woman, 7 Flash, 8 Cyborg, 5 Aquaman, and 16 Green Lantern. Between the two sets of purchases, that puts me at 30 each for Superman and Green Lantern, and between 13-19 for the rest.

      I’ve also been tracking the mold patterns. So far, I’ve recorded eight mini bars, and 7 full-size bars. Every single mini bar that I’ve written down has had Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman logos. The fourth slot has never been one of the other four logos, but has included the Batmobile, Batman’s cowl, Wonder Woman’s tiara, stars, a sound effect, and Joker’s laughter (so far the _only_ icon I’ve seen that’s tied to a villain). Of the full-size bars, a couple have included all seven logos, and all have included at least six of the logos. Only two logos have been excluded, and most of the time it has been Cyborg (Aquaman was missing once). Batman (batmobile and cowl) and Wonder Woman (tiara) are the only two characters with secondary icons. The remaining icons have included a trio of stars, several sound effects (BAM!, POW!, ZAP!, WHAM!!), and Joker’s laugh.

      And yes, the secondary prices on these are insane, especially since they’d be highly likely to be melted by the time they arrive in the mail (I’ve had a hard time getting my purchases home. They’re also starting to flood the market with them, and it’s still not July yet. It’s at a point where it’d probably cost you more to keep them off the local market than you could hope to make with resales. But I guess if someone ends up stuck with these, they can always eat them.

  6. @ERIC ROTH:
    Metro Detroit. However, supply started drying up in July (the month they were supposed to start showing up. I’ve only seen the full-size bars and 12-pack mini bars at Walmart, and I’ve only seen the 5-pack mini-bars at Dollar General. At Walmart, the mini-bars are in the bulk candy aisle, and the regular bars are randomly placed along the front of the checkout section (but never _in_ the checkout lanes that I’ve seen). The UPC is the same as the regular bars, so they could be mixed in with plain wrappers. I’ve seen the regular bars in large, blue, hanger boxes, and I’ve seen them in normal shelf trays that are the standard brown with a bit of superhero art in one corner. I don’t remember exactly what the mini-bar cases look like, but I do know they stood out. At Dollar General, it might be easiest to just ask someone where you can find them. And I have no idea if these were ever shipped to Canada, or if they’re exclusive to the US.

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