SPOTTED: Tangy Pickle Doritos

Tangy Pickle Doritos

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

As someone who enjoys pickle-flavored Pringles and ate pickle and tuna sandwiches as a kid, I’m disappointed the U.S. hasn’t had pickle-flavored Doritos before. But now we have them and I can enjoy the buildup of pickle-flavored Doritos dust on my fingers. Also, the I in pickle on the front of the bag has been replaced with a lightning bolt. That right there makes me forgive Frito-Lay for taking so long to bring pickle Doritos to the U.S. (Spotted by Grace B at Dollar General.)

2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Tangy Pickle Doritos”

  1. Well Frito lay all ready had pickle chips with Pringles so maybe they thought they didn’t need picklpickle Dorritos

  2. Got these at a local convenience store (Circle K) yesterday. Very tangy, nailed the pickle flavor. The Doritos are simply a flavor delivery device with this one. Worth trying, but maybe not a staple chip long-term for most people.

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