FAST FOOD NEWS: Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza

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Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Papa John’s is collaborating with one of its board members and restaurant owners, Shaquille O’Neal, to launch the new Shaq-a-Roni Pizza.

It’s an extra large pizza made with Papa John’s fresh, never frozen six-ingredient dough that’s topped with extra cheese and extra pepperoni, which is cut into Papa John’s largest foldable slice size ever. The pizza has a $12 suggested price.

According to its press release, for ever Shaq-a-Roni Pizza that’s sold, one dollar will be donated to The Papa John’s Foundation for Building Community to support COVID-19 relief, the fight against racial injustice, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, UNCF (United Negro College Fund), and general community involvement.

For those who order the pizza, there’s an exclusive Snapchat AR experience. Using the Snapchat app, customers simply point their camera at the pizza box to reveal a 3-D surprise.

(Image via Papa John’s.)

3 thoughts to “FAST FOOD NEWS: Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza”

  1. I bought two tonight expecting tons of Pepperoni. What I got was two regular pepperoni pizzas even though I asked for the SHAQ. Misleading advertising and a huge DISAPPOINTMENT (two of them actually)

    1. Sounds like a bad worker/franchise. I ordered one a week ago and mine was covered in pepperoni and noticeably had more cheese, although I wish they sprinkled the “extra cheese” over the pepperoni like they did for that double pepperoni pizza they had earlier in the year.

      Overall though I thought the pizza was a decent try at a “Big New Yorker” kind of fast food pizza.

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