5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Limited Edition Froot Loops Tropical Cereal”

  1. They list 4 flavors, but I only see 3 colors, unless the yellows in the logo are slightly different.

    1. Yes. just looking at the photo, I think the lower yellow O is a tad brighter…

  2. The wild berry Froot Loops were so unbelievably disgusting that I’ll give these a miss. Regular Froot Loops are fantastic, so I’ll stick with those.

  3. I see two shades of orange. Green pineapple, yellow banana, orange orange and a more red-orange mango.

  4. I got a box and unfortunately all of the colors do indeed taste the same. And that taste is overwhelmingly pineapple with just a subtle note of citrus. It’s pleasant but not as amazing as I’d hoped for.

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