PUMPKINUNDATION 2020: Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts 2020 Design

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts 2020 Design

Usually with these Pumpkinundation posts, we cover the new products. But I wanted to point out that this has been around for ten years! Doesn’t that make you feel old, like when professional baseball players you watched in the early 2000s are now managers of baseball teams. Also, what’s with the non-festive box? I kind of dig it, but it’s a bit weird not seeing fall leaves or stuff like that in the design. (Spotted by @TheJoshCatlett at Target.)

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  1. It’s a stove. The pop tarts are in the oven, where pumpkin pies are made, and you can see the control knobs in the upper left. Leaves draped all over it would be a fire hazard. There’s nothing festive about burning your house down…unless you actually intended to make a ginormous bonfire in your yard.

  2. I want to see Pop-Tarts do a Splitz flavor with apple pie & pumpkin pie. Holiday inspired. Gingerbread & Chocolate Peppermint splitz.

    1. In case Kellogg’s is reading this, I want them to know that not only would I buy such products, but I would actively search them out.

  3. Believe it or not, the Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts are wonderful. I tried them a couple of years ago and I have been hooked ever since.

    1. I definitely believe it. I look for them every year too and I hope they never stop bringing them back.

  4. Maybe the non-seasonal box is in case they decide to make it a year round item?

    Hope some of the above suggestions come to market!

    1. See, that’s the thing about packaging. If you decide to make a limited product part of your regular lineup, you just change the design before you order the next batch of bags/boxes. Pepperidge Farms recently did something like this when they rebranded all of their thumbprint cookies as Verona cookies, and the Blueberry Verona is just a regular part of their lineup now where the Blueberry Thumprint Cookie was, I believe, a seasonal item. Oreo just brought back their Maple Oreo, and the packaging doesn’t match the version that came out last year. Packaging is an easy change. It’s the actual product that takes a lot of work and market research to tweak even a little bit.

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