SPOTTED: Talenti Gelato Layers Winter 2021 Flavors

Talenti Gelato Layers Winter 2021 Flavors

The Strawberry Shortcake one has layers of strawberry gelato, shortbread pieces, and tarts strawberry rhubarb sauce. The Confetti Cookie has vanilla gelato, vanilla cookie pieces, pink frosting, and rainbow sprinkles. Cookies and Cream features both cookie & cream and vanilla gelato, dulce de leche, chocolate cookie pieces, and cookie crumbles. There’s also a Chocolate Pretzel variety that has salty pretzel and vanilla gelato bases, waffle cone pieces, and a salted pretzel sauce. (Spotted by Rachel C at Harmons.)

2 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Talenti Gelato Layers Winter 2021 Flavors”

  1. Rhubarb in a mainstream dessert? Sign me up!!

    Bet this would really be good topped with sliced bananas!

  2. The cookies and cream is actually quite good! I’m typically not a plain chocolate/vanilla ice cream/gelato person and I saw it the other day and just felt like treating myself and for some reason this one spoke to me. Didn’t disappoint.

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