SPOTTED: Dr Pepper Zero Sugar

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Not sure if this is replacing Diet Dr Pepper, but I’m going to make an uneducated guess and say no. I do enjoy Diet Dr Pepper, so I’m looking forward to tasting this to find out how the two compare. (Spotted by Ben at Albertson’s.)

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  1. Weird. Doesn’t appear on Dr Pepper’s website, though I did find an online listing at Kroger’s for it, though none actually for sale. New product or rebranding of a beloved old product?

    1. If I were to venture a guess; I would say new product, additional product, not replacing the “diet.”

    2. I was just at my Kroger this morning and did see 12 packs on the shelves. May there was a delay between posting the item in their system and stocking it.

      1. Coke zero all the way! Been drinking it since the white can 2005 days! I was so worried about the new formula! As for the pepper zero, my friend Ben (spotted pic) said it was alright. I will still give it a shot!

  2. I work for the company and this will be in addition to Diet Dr Pepper. Different sweeteners, different formula.

    1. I don’t suppose you could convince someone to bring back the Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr. Pepper that they used to sell? I’d pay you.

  3. I seen this at my local pick n save today I even put it in my cart and then took it out and put it back as soon as I seen they had Cherry Pepsi but maybe next time.

    1. Have you ever tried cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper!?! Love that stuff, can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore though.

      1. This sounds delicious (though, unless offered in a diet version, I’d likely never actually drink it; hate “regular” soda/pop).

        Having said that, your post reminded me of something that my sister and I were actually just texting each other about, the other day! These were from our childhood, and brought back fond memories of one of our grandmas, who always had them on hand for our visits. Pretty sure it was only regional (i.e., midwest region), as the Canfield Co. was located in a suburb of Chicago…but they used to have the MOST delicious soda/pop that I have ever had, and it came in three different diet varieties: Canfield’s Diet Chocolate Fudge, Canfield’s Diet Peanut Fudge, and Canfield’s Diet Cherry Chocolate Fudge. OMG…I can still almost taste them, to this day. Both she and I totally miss them!

        1. Actually, yes! And it was always the diet that I got. I too can’t stand the regular stuff!

          Oh my goodness, those flavours sound glorious! If dessert came in guilt free pop form? I think you just described it!

  4. Interestingly, the “Diet” versions of 7-Up, A&W, Canada Dry, Sunkist, and Squirt have all been renamed “Zero Sugar” while keeping the original formulas.

    1. It’s not original formula. They changed it from 100% aspartame to a blend. Same with with Dr Pepper Zero Sugar. It’s so it tastes more like regular. I noticed the taste change right away with Dr Pepper Zero & 7Up Zero.

  5. My understanding, from the days of the introduction of Coke Zero, is that surveys/studies showed that men don’t like the term “Diet” on their soda–hence, the development of “Zero.” Flavor-wise, I generally seem to prefer the Zero formulations over the Diets, finding them to be pretty close to their originals and without a weaker Diet taste. Having said that, Diet Dr. Pepper has always been a fave for me–along with Diet A&W Root Beer (and its Cream soda cousin), I’ve always found them to be close to their sugared cousins (and even better, not having a sugar and overly-sweet rush).

    1. Very well put analysis of the taste of “zero” to “diet” forms! Hah, remember Pepsi Max?!?

  6. I believe Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar is replacing Diet from what I’ve read and understand. It’s a rebrand with a new taste and ingredients. Same thing 7-Up did with their rebrand of Diet to Zero Sugar. I’m in Cleveland area, went to my local Marcs store today and all the 12 packs were regular or Zero Sugar Dr Pepper, same with the 16.9oz 6 pack bottles. Only Diet was available in 24 packs. The 2 liters had a few Diet in front but Zero Sugar behind them.

  7. Both of my local grocery stores haven’t stocked a single new soda variety for the past year, and stuff like Wild Cherry Pepsi Zero and Cherry Coca-Cola Zero get restocked months at a time. I really miss Mountain Dew Zero 🙁

  8. Just bought a six-pack of 500mL bottles, was on the shelf of my local grocery store (Fareway, small midwest chain) alongside Diet Dr Pepper. I like it, the taste kinda reminds me of Dr Pepper Ten, but no calories this time.

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