SPOTTED: Thomas’ Limited Edition Cinnamon Bun English Muffins

Thomas Limited Edition Cinnamon Bun English Muffins

April 1st passed, but with all the limited edition flavors Thomas’ puts out, I wouldn’t be surprised if Thomas’ posting something about English muffin-flavored English muffins one April Fools Day. (Spotted by Dorothy at Giant Eagle)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Thomas’ Limited Edition Cinnamon Bun English Muffins”

  1. It does sound pretty good. But I would be impressed if it had some kind of icing element. Like icing chips in there.

    1. Except there is no English muffin that ever had chips or icing on them haha.
      They are VERY good by the way I got mine at Giant Eagle as well in PA

        1. Except no English muffin has ever had inclusions, I don’t think you will ever see the brand do that in the future. Adding an “icing” or a “chip” may not hold up well during the production of any type of bread. It would also increase the price point compared to all the other varieties. Most consumers don’t want to spend more or invest more due to that deviance.

  2. Are cinnamon English muffins a weird thing? Did I miss something? Am I just old? Give me a fork-split, hard toasted, CR EM with a swipe of PB (Adams Crunchy, please), and a drizzle of Honey Bear, please? Anyone? Beuller?

    1. They have had cinnamon English muffins for years but these are amped up a bit. They look good!

  3. My mom bought these today too theres also Apple Cinnamon Bagels! Didn’t purchase (not on sale yet) so didn’t want to take a pic

  4. I’m just sad that they didn’t do the cranberry english muffins again around thanksgiving/ christmas time this past year; unless I missed them.

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