SPOTTED: Jimmy Dean Breakfast Nuggets

Jimmy Dean Sausage Egg  Cheese Breakfast Nuggets

There’s also a Chicken Sausage, Egg & Cheese flavor. Jimmy Dean should really be named Jammy Dean because it’s really good at jamming breakfast goodness into things. (Spotted by Paul D at ShopRite.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Jimmy Dean Breakfast Nuggets”

  1. I may catch a bit of flak for this…since this is an unhealthy, frozen (I’m guessing) breakfast-food item…but I think these sound darn good. (Personally, I would only get the chicken-sausage version; a little bit healthier, plus I don’t care for regular sausage.) I also like that they’re bite-size.

    1. You certainly don’t warrant any flak! And I agree, these are a fun and appealing concept. And same here, not much of a regular sausage fan.

  2. I think theses sound good too, and I am also not a fan of regular sausage. Chicken may be the answer, but if it has the same sausage seasonings…hm.

  3. I sent in this pic and to me they could of tasted better and included more in the bag.

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