SPOTTED: Pringles Limited Time Only Scorchin’ Sour Cream & Onion

Pringles Limited Time Only Scorchin Sour Cream  Onion

The year isn’t even halfway done, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there are Scorchin’ Pickle and Cheeseburger flavors in our future. (Spotted by Melody at Meijer.)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pringles Limited Time Only Scorchin’ Sour Cream & Onion”

  1. I’m curious how they’ve made sour cream & onion…something which, by nature, is a pretty mild flavor (at least in my opinion/experience)…into something “scorchin'” hot.

    I’d certainly buy/try them, if I ever come across them.

    1. Good point!!! If anything, they should have done like a “scorchin’ hot” salsa and sour cream.

      By their billing of these as “scorchin’ hot,” and being the naturally cool in flavour chip, I have no clue as to what spice profile they are going for.

  2. It sounds to me like the 2 flavor profiles will be fighting each other, with the Scorchin’ being dominant.

    1. It would have been cool (no pun intended) if they did like a combination stack? Alternating a “scorching” crisp and then a sour cream and onion. Good luck figuring out the logistics of that!

      I’m assuming that they found balance in this guy by having essentially like a tangy sour cream note and then also a note of heat. Be interesting to have a review of them. (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more…Marvo.)

  3. this is the hotest thing i’ve tasted in my life I give it a 0/10 review

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