SPOTTED: Tropical Mango Pop-Tarts

Tropical Mango Pop Tarts

I hope this leads to other tropical fruit flavors, like papaya and lychee. But it probably won’t. If either one of them pops up someday, I’ll eat a Maple Bacon Pop-Tart from 2016 that someone on eBay must be selling. **Checks eBay** Oh, thank goodness, no one is selling it. (Spotted by Brandon at Sun Fresh.)

4 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Tropical Mango Pop-Tarts”

    1. Ditto. As much as I love Mango, the fruit itself and/or the flavored items, I think I still prefer Lychee fruit.

  1. Hold the phone….You can sell expired items on Ebay? No way? I have got 20 unopened boxes of Trader Joe’s Cour Nocciola cookies that have a ‘best by’ date of 07/2017. They are really, really delicious, like Ferrero Roche on steroids.

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