SPOTTED: Cap’n Crunch’s Churro Bites Chocolatey Snack Pouches

Cap n Crunch s Churro Bites Chocolatey Snack Pouches

I’m sure this would make a decent cereal if a few of the pouches were dumped into a bowl. Also, those look as if they could do some Cap’n Crunch-type damage to my upper palate. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Kroger.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Cap’n Crunch’s Churro Bites Chocolatey Snack Pouches”

  1. While I can’t see the depth of the box, I’m mystified as to how 12 packs of anything, of any substance, could fit in there. How many churros are in each package: 2-3 tiny ones?? Serious question; I’m trying to envision what each pack could possibly look like/consist of.

  2. Kinda seems like they have just figured out a way to sell a smaller amount of product for a higher price. But hey, that’s business I suppose.

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