SPOTTED: Red, White & Blue Creme Oreo with Popping Candy

Red White  Blue Creme Oreo with Popping Candy

I wonder how hard it is to take a Golden Oreo wafer, imprint a flag on it, and color that flag red, white, and blue. Just a super complex idea for next year, Oreo. (Spotted by Rachel C at Target.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Red, White & Blue Creme Oreo with Popping Candy”

  1. A visually nice upgrade on Firework Oreo from a few years ago with red/white/blue frosting, I assume. Is it a Double or even Triple Stuf? Not sure how they could get three layers vertically (horizontally, sure) on a normal layer of Oreo filling.

    Not sure my popping candy creme would be my default Oreo texture for any season, but it is festive.

  2. For the life of me, I cannot remember the exact name/variety, nor when it was out…but I SWEAR there was an Oreo version, a couple of years ago (I think), LE, that also contained Pop Rocks-type of candies…and they were GREAT.

    Related to that, does anyone remember the LE Oreos Swedish Fish version? Another stellar product.

    And these comments are coming from someone who does not have anything close to a sweet tooth. So, yeah…I think that says a lot. 🙂

    1. The Firework Oreos had popping candy as well so maybe that is what you are thinking of? This is an updated spin. The LE Swedish Fish variety seemed to be quite polarizing. I have never been a fan of Oreos so I have no opinion on the matter but I do love to see what they will come out with next.

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