SPOTTED: Yummallo Sport Fruit Marshmallows

Yummallo Sport Fruit Marshmallows

Yes! Caffeine in a product that no one asked for. Also, I guess it’s difficult to put electrolytes into marshmallows. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Walmart.)

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    1. I would like to apologize in advance for being a total weirdo and asking you this, but how is your cat Calvin? Please give your sweet little angel a big kiss from me! 😀

        1. I’m totally awwing right now thinking about your precious little baby! Maybe one day, you can give him a brother named Hobbes! 😀

  1. I wonder how bad these might/will taste. There was a product called Morning Spark several years ago that had caffeine powder in it. It was called Morning Spark because the flavors were popular flavors of juices to drink at breakfast. It tasted really, really bad. Every time I see a product like this that has caffeine in it, I think of Morning Spark.

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