SPOTTED: A-Treat Mike and Ike Soda (Cherry and Strawberry)

A Treat Mike and Ike Soda  Cherry and Strawberry

Peeps-flavored Pepsi and Mike and Ike-flavored soda are fine and dandy, but who will Just Born partner with to make a Hot Tamales soda? Oh, these have a limited distribution. The A-Treat website has a map of locations in Pennsylvania that carry it. You can read more about the partnership here. (Spotted by Michael F at Redner’s Warehouse Markets.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: A-Treat Mike and Ike Soda (Cherry and Strawberry)”

  1. Speaking of Soda, are y’all ever gonna review that Rainbow Sherbet Mtn Dew Game Fuels?

      1. Oh! According to your Twitter posts I totally thought you bought some! Let me know if you’d like me to send you one, I bought 3 of dem 12 packs (didn’t get any of the Zero sugar).

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