SPOTTED: New and Improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (2021)

New and Improved Coca Cola Zero Sugar Can

New and Improved Coca Cola Zero Sugar Case

I’m not sure what needed to be improved with Coca-Cola Zero Sugar because I think the previous formulation was super tasty. Although, I did prefer the name Coca-Cola Zero over Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. However, I do like the look of the red can. I want to stick a Ferrari logo on it. Wait a minute. Is this going to be a New Coke all over again? (Spotted by Robbie at Sam’s Club.)

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  1. I likewise thought that “Coca-Cola Zero” was a great and catchy name for this formulation (and likewise for the other Zero-branded drinks). Perhaps Coca-Cola was afraid or its testing found that consumers couldn’t understand that “Zero” meant no sugar, or that the term “Zero” could be demeaning to the drink (“hey, it’s a big zero”)?

    1. I think you’re right, and so were they to make that decision, because people are stupid.

      1. LOL, and I bet that a bunch of people think that when they travel by Greyhound, they’re strapped on top of the dog. 🙂

        1. Aww, I love Greyhounds! Some of my relatives adopt ex-racing Greyhounds. They’re wonderful dogs! Of course, that also applies to every dog, ever! 😀

      2. ^hahaha Yet another time I agree with something you’ve had to say (re the latter part of your comment). 😉

  2. Personally, I don’t like the newly-designed can, at all. To me, the fact that it no longer has any white on the can/bottle (save for the “now more delicious” bubble), implies that it is, in fact, heavier (in this case, heavier implying sweeter). The all-dark, red-and-black combo is, IMO, incongruous to the product.

    As someone who has long been into packaging, marketing, and consumer-packaged goods (in general), from a professional/career standpoint, I always notice and critique stuff like this.

    1. It’s interesting that you say that–when I look at the can and its design/coloring, for some reason I think of a coffee+cola drink.

    2. I agree that the design feels heavy. The predominantly red can is typically reserved for the regular (non-diet) Coke.

      At least this is “more delicious” though.

  3. Messing with Coke and making it “new” and “improved.” WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

    It wasn’t enough to be a cautionary tale in every business textbook back in 1985? I guess nothing that old is relevant and the next generation of Coke marketing executives just have to make their mark, like a college newspaper that changes its masthead and layout every other year.

    You know what I want? What I crave? I WANT THE SAME DAMN COKE IN THE SAME DAMN CAN THAT I USED TO DRINK IN 1970.

  4. I tried Coke Zero Sugar once and thought it was good because it tasted like regular Coke, but just a bit “deeper/darker” if that makes sense. Not bitter.

    I also tried Diet Coke once, which is more ubiquitous, but was put off by the aftertaste. I hope New Coke Zero Sugar doesn’t go that route.

  5. I’m not looking forward to this. I don’t want them to change it to taste more like coke. Part of the reason I love Coke Zero so much is because it DOESN’T taste just like Coke.

    1. Really, why? My diet cherry Dt. Pepper or Zero Cherry Coke store-brand knock-off often is my delicious cap to dinner, in place of dessert.

      1. Ah, sorry, got it–it’s a reference to the can’s statement (sorry). I had thought it was a reference to someone else’s comment. My bad.

    2. lol I know, right? I want more notices on boxes and cans that the product is “Now more delicious”. Let’s really get into the weeds with stuff like “Now 34% more delicious than before!”

  6. “new and improved”

    LOL,zero sugar is just a marketing gimmick that idiots thought sounded better then diet

    1. Absolutely. But a reasoned marketing move: my understanding is that market research was done and it was determined that a lot of men do not like the term “diet.” And so, “Zero” was born.

    2. It probably is and it is trying to cash in on the Keto/Low Carb crowd who will shun away from Diet drinks because they often substitute a sweetener that will still spike some peoples blood sugar. But, if it is zero sugar with another sweetener that will not spike blood sugar they have gotten into a market that has a vast audience. Ask Zevia how popular that can be. Of course, in most of these “ZERO SUGAR” drinks, the sweetener is still ASPARTAME and to many Keto and Low Carb folk, that will not work because they believe it will spike blood sugar. But, how many people read the nutrition labels closely? These brands such as Coke and DP would be better served if they actually used monk fruit, stevia, or better yet, allulose to sweeten their drinks.

  7. I like Coke Zero for the taste.

    But trying new Dr. Pepper Zero, I actually swear (not side by side) that it taste like regular Dr. Pepper. Maybe they have some new formulas to get closer to regular Coke taste now.

    1. I long have been impressed by Dr. Pepper and A&W non-sugar/”diet” soda formulations as being the most like their original, sugared formulations, of all sodas. (And pretty tasty to begin with.)

      1. See…to people like me, that’s actually not a good thing. I straight up hate the taste of any “regular”/full-sugared sodas, and don’t *want* their diet/zero-sugar versions to taste like them. At all.

        1. Perhaps expanding, I find the flavors of these to be like their originals, which I like, but also without the overly (and almost sickly) sweet taste of the originals.

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