SPOTTED: Limited Edition Hershey’s Fudge Filled Chewy Chips Ahoy

Limited Edition Hershey s Fudge Filled Chewy Chips Ahoy

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

The packaging says it goes great with ice cream, but might I suggest heating a cookie or two in the microwave for 10 seconds before adding it to ice cream. Of course, if you’re going to make an ice cream sandwich with these, do not microwave. Oh, I’ve put more thought than I should into this. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart Neighborhood Market.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Limited Edition Hershey’s Fudge Filled Chewy Chips Ahoy”

  1. You’ve put EXACTLY the right amount of thought into it! Heck, we were thinking about dousing those babies in some Hershey’s syrup to really seal the deal. Gotta take advantage and go crazy since it’s limited edition and all.

  2. lol, i mentioned both magic middles and the heating of chewy chips ahoy in the microwave on my comment for the brand eating post about these the other day.

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