SPOTTED: Brach’s Minions Bello Candy Corn

Brach s Minions Bello Candy Corn

It’s impressive that Brach’s keep pumping out new candy corn. What’s also impressive is the number of food products that have Minions on them. Still waiting for Minions Twinkies. (Spotted by Robbie at CVS.)

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Brach’s Minions Bello Candy Corn”

    1. Shake dat Laffy Taffy?
      (I apologize…I had to and I am ashamed.)

      On a serious note, I would assume that they use the same artificial banana flavouring as all other candies.

  1. Grinch, here, again (lol):
    (1) I HATE that stupid, ridiculously-ubiquitous Minions character.
    (2) I HATE candy corn.

    That is all. 😛

  2. bello!
    i love Minions and sometimes like candy corn, but immensely dislike banana flavoured candies. bummer.

    1. btw, i know it’s all do with *business* and supply chains and whatnot, but i still find it bizarre that so many promotional items for Minions 2 have been released when the film itself has been delayed. ¯\_(?)_/¯

  3. I am sure they are doing everything they possibly can to attempt to hype the upcoming Minions movie. I am the odd duck that likes the fake banana flavor but these don’t sound appealing.

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