SPOTTED: Brach’s Turkey Dinner + Apple Pie and Coffee Candy Corn

Brach s Turkey Dinner + Apple Pie and Coffee Candy Corn

I guess enough people purchased last year’s Turkey Dinner Candy Corn to warrant this. Um, thank you? (Spotted by Sascha at Walgreens.)

18 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Brach’s Turkey Dinner + Apple Pie and Coffee Candy Corn”

  1. Didn’t find this last year at my Walgreens, so maybe I’ll have more luck this year; I can’t say whether finding it is good or bad luck.

    Looks like they’ve dropped Ginger Glazed Carrot and Sweet Potato Pie for the coffee and Apple Pie flavors, though I might be just not be seeing them.

    Also, apple pie? Not pumpkin or pecan? Google says they’ve had Pumpkin and Apple together in a Pie Favorites, as well as solo Pumpkin Pie/Spice flavors before; pecan might have been something a little different.

    1. I noticed that too. Maybe it was so bad and decided to change up. Shocking that they didn’t do buttered corn flavor

      But I guess maybe cheaper since can produce apple pie flavor and then divide up.

  2. I bought last year’s candy corn and my family and I made a funny YT taste-testing video about it.
    Spoiler alert: IT WAS TERRIBLE. But, ask me if I’m gonna go out and find this bag and try it again!

    1. My 6 year old and I love trying weird flavors of things/mystery flavors so I’m sure we’ll enjoy this haha.

  3. Ummm…… strange again.

    Coffee Candy Corn could be good depending if it’s all coffee strength and not too overpowering.

  4. Couldn’t find it last year.

    Had hoped to find and try it this year.

    Won’t be trying it this year either because I hate coffee.

  5. Would definitely try it if I could ever find it, but even though I actually like candy corn, 98% of all flavored candy corn tastes awful to me. I’m quite sure this won’t be the one to break that trend!

    1. Well, I can only speak for my family, but they always have coffee after every single family dinner. It doesn’t make sense to me in a Thanksgiving mix, but I can see why they added it anyway, truth be told.

      1. Yesss…same, here! I have countless, fond memories of having coffee (even as a kid; ::gasp:: lol) after every single family dinner. I still find it soothing, to do…though almost never have it after dinner, these days.

  6. They should do just coffee or espresso and then i’d try them. The other flavors sound vomit inducing.

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