SPOTTED: Oreo and Chips Ahoy Dessert Toppings

Oreo Dessert Toppings

Chips Ahoy Dessert Toppings

Why limit ourselves to using these to top dessert? Let’s get crazy, skip the croutons, and use them as salad toppings. Even worse, I mean, even better, let’s forget cheese and sprinkle these on pasta. Let our imaginations run wild like we’re four-year-olds in a kitchen without parental supervision. (Spotted by David P at Walmart.)

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Oreo and Chips Ahoy Dessert Toppings”

  1. So, the cookie pieces are merely crushed, i.e. broken, cookies? How much did they pay their new-products-research-person to come up with this coz I can apply for that job. I also have broken saltines in the bottom of their sleeve, the marshmallow and cereal dust at the bottom of the cereal box, broken pretzel bits at the bottom of the bag, and extra burnt crust leftover from a pizza….can I repackage these in a bright package and get the laziest of shoppers to buy? I have said this before, but please, please. could someone at these companies just ask TIB readers what they would like to see on shelves? It would be so much more interesting and inventive, IMHO.

  2. Too bad the image did not show the price… Seems like that would 3 bucks which is far worse than a price for a regular bag of cookies.

  3. Just get a pack of cookies and then crush it yourself. It’s not that hard to do. Or even the food processor to pulse it few times.

    This has to be the most laziest product ever.

    1. It’s definitely lazy, but I can see it appealing to people who don’t want to buy or store an entire package of cookies just to break up a few for the occasional recipe or as a bit of topping. If I’m buying a package of Oreos only to use them that way, then I might as well pay the same price to have them already crushed up for me. Heck, even as a snacking option this product isn’t a bad idea. You can grab a few pieces to satisfy a sweet tooth, with less nutritional consequences than eating the entire cookie.

      Sheesh, now I feel like a Nabisco marketing rep.

      1. Personally, I would just crush some Oreo cookies that I have around (or buy a new pack, to both crush and eat whole). The way these things go, I also think that it’s likely that these will be more expensive than a similar amount of whole Oreo cookies, which often go on sale.

        But I also can see a further utility of these pre-crushed cookies: avoiding a bit of a mess in crushing your own Oreo cookies, with the cream oozing out.

        Boy, we’re fortunate in the U.S., to be able to be concerned about matters like this. 😉

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