SPOTTED: Thrashed Apple Mtn Dew

Thrashed Apple Mtn Dew

It’s a Dew charged with crisp apple and only available at Kroger and Kroger-owned stores. I wish I had some Salted Caramel Pepsi to create a salted caramel apple drink that probably won’t taste good. (Spotted by Luke P at Kroger.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Thrashed Apple Mtn Dew”

    1. We don’t have a Kroger near me and apple soda is one of my favorites. I’m so sad DX. Hopefully they release an apple one at a store I actually have near me DX.

  1. God damn Kroger exclusive items. First the delicious Salted Caramel Lays, now these! I’ll have to order these on Ebay for some ridiculously high price

  2. I’m from NY, we do not have Kroger here. I”m an avid Mountain Dew fan & will search everywhere to try new flavors. I ordered a 12 pack from Amazon, it was around $36 dollars, but I had to try it. Coming tomorrow.

  3. Since i seriously doubt it will be sold in Canada. Had to resort to Ebay and their expensive prices. It was worth it. very good flavour. nice tart apple. loved it.

  4. My mom hasn’t really been keen on any of the new Mountain Dew flavors, but boy did she love this and is going on the hunt for another box of them tomorrow. I liked it too, but it did make me wish the watermelon flavor had been as strong.

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