SPOTTED: Takis Fuego Crisps

Takis Fuego Crisps

Takis Fuego has found its way onto wavy chips, frozen cheese rolls, popcorn, sunflower seeds, nuts, puffy cheese snacks, and of course, rolled tortilla chips. Now it’s on Pringles-like crisps. I look forward to Takis Fuego Rice Cakes or Takis Fuego Meat Sticks. Oh wait, I’m being told the meat sticks are already a thing. Well, how about Takis Fuego Breakfast Cereal? (Spotted by Brad at CVS.)

7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Takis Fuego Crisps”

    1. haha I didn’t even notice that, initially…but, you’re right! They look like slices of jerky, or some other sort of cured/dried meat. Good eye(s).

    1. I didn’t know these have been spotted much earlier than I found them. They are fantastic. I don’t like Pringles anymore because I think the recipe has changed and the flavor is disgusting. I love Lay’s Stax, though. These are just as good as latex but the flavor is amazing. I ran through the whole container in no time.

  1. I just came across these for the first time, and while I love the typical rolled corn chips, these are somehow awful. Not sure how to describe it, honestly. Seriously though 2/10, they aren’t completely dogshit but I can’t actually get past two even with something to wash it down.

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