SPOTTED: Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Black Cherry Cola and Cream Soda Cola

Pepsi Cola Soda Shop Cans

Pepsi Cola Soda Shop Bottles

Update: We tried them! Click here to read our review.

According to Pepsi, the limited edition Soda Shop line is a modern take on classic soda shop flavors made with real sugar. Oh, are you too young to know what soda shops are? Me too. I’m way too young. (12-pack spotted by Allen at Walmart and bottles spotted by @CourseURHere at Speedway.)

18 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Pepsi-Cola Soda Shop Black Cherry Cola and Cream Soda Cola”

    1. The dollar store had it near me. It taste like the vanilla Pepsi but with like double the vanilla flavor to me.

  1. My dad had a soda fountain counter inside his pharmacy in Philadelphia. I remember the egg creams (that’s kinda like an ice cream soda) and birch beer floats. The egg cream contained no eggs and the birch beer was not an alcoholic drink.

    1. That’s awesome! Soda fountains are definitely a lost art and wonderful nostalgia. Some modern businesses have been established that are keeping the traditions alive.

  2. Not me knowing about a foodstuff before the blog. Shoutout to my need to keep up with pop culture by any means and Doja Cat for being in the commercial for this.

  3. Bought both of these last week at Walmart. I was most excited about the Black Cherry but ended up disappointed with that one. The Black Cherry just has a weird flavor that doesn’t make it that great. I was really surprised with the Cream Soda and enjoyed that one. Your experience may vary.

      1. The Black Cherry to me reminded me of the Sparkling Ice water brand Black Cherry. I could have paid a $1.00 for the latter & saved money.

  4. I’m not big on Cream soda but this one was real good.

    Black cherry was ok but it reminded me of my childhood sipping on Vicks cherry NyQuil.

  5. I just bought a black cherry to try but it’s disgusting. Taste is OK at first and immediately tastes like sweetener and children’s Cherry medicine. With there being sugar,I’m not sure why they got a sweetener taste in there…

  6. Oh man, the Black Cherry is awful! Such a horrible sickly sweet aftertaste that yes, tastes like Creomulsin cough syrup. I couldnt find Cherry Pepsi and bought this instead – REALLY wish that I had just bought plain Pepsi 🙁

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