SPOTTED: Nestle Toll House Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough

Nestle Toll House Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough Log

This seems to be different than the Nestle Toll House dough that debuted in 2017. Does anyone want to bake these, but make the cookie size bigger, and then put an actual cinnamon roll between those bigger cookies to make a cinnamon roll sandwich? (Spotted by DJ at Redner’s.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Nestle Toll House Cinnamon Roll Cookie Dough”

  1. I had these a few weeks ago and they are amazing. They are not overly sweet and the house smelled like a cinnamon roll. I got it at Publix in Huntsville, AL. I believe they were about $4.00 a pack

    1. I normally bake from scratch but I had my eye on these for something fast, easy, and a bit different. I was hoping someone had tried them; it’s great to hear that they didn’t disappoint.

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