SPOTTED: Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream

Update: We tried it! Click here to read our review.

Maybe it’s just me, but a better Christmas gift would’ve been a Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pie Ice Cream. (Spotted by Michael at Walmart.)

15 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream”

  1. Would try this if Hudsonville ice cream was in my area. Article from the Detroit Free Press said it was a Walmart exclusive.

  2. heart eyes all around. already planned a trip to walmart with my bff later this week, fingers crossed that it’s in stock.

  3. Agreed on preference to a Little Debbie oatmeal over the waxy trees. Better yet, skip the holiday theme and make an out of this world Star Crunch ice cream!

        1. Scrooges! The Christmas Tree Cakes are awesome and seasonal, and I want it! You can have your oatmeals and star crunches all year round!

          1. oh I am 100% obsessed with the idea of christmas tree cake ice cream, but I just think this opened the door for lots of other spin-offs! nutty buddy x chocolate peanut butter swirls, holy moses, the limit does not exist

  4. Has anyone in Dallas Texas found this at a store? I’ve been to 7 stores in DFW over the past 4 days, because it shows in stock, but when I arrive, none of the employees can even find where it’s supposed to be stocked. If anyone in DFW has found this, please post which store had it. Thank You!

    1. I looked at the Walmart app & it said one store around me had it & even had an aisle location, but when I went it was empty. I asked a worker if they could scan the tag & it said they had eight on hand, but sometimes I know the counts can be messed up from working in retail. At least they had the Great Value Biscuits & Jam ice cream flavor so that wasn’t a wasted trip at least.

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