BACK ON SHELVES: Pomegranate 7 Up (2021)

Pomegranate 7 Up  2021

It’s back! I don’t remember when it went away, but it was a long time ago…I think. Well, time doesn’t matter now because Pomegranate 7 Up is back for the winter season. Also, how come there hasn’t been a Cranberry 7 Up? (Spotted by Holly at Walmart.)

8 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Pomegranate 7 Up (2021)”

  1. I never thought they’d bring this back. It’s just as good as I remember it, nice and smooth flavor and a great mixer.

  2. A little bit off-topic, but still soda-related: Does anyone know if Cherry Sprite and Major Melon Mountain Dew have been discontinued by grocery stores?

        1. Thanks to both of you for replying. My mom came through the other night and found six bottles of the Mountain Dew for me, ha.

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