SPOTTED: H-E-B Mexican Hot Chocolate and Dulce de Leche Potato Chips

H E B Limited Edition Mexican Hot Chocolate Wavy Potato Chips

H E B Limited Edition Dulce de Leche Thin Potato Chips

Look, I know 99 percent of you don’t live within a reasonable driving distance from an H-E-B, which are all in Texas. But I HAD TO share these potato chip flavors that most of you won’t get the chance to try. I guess I have a thing for potato chips with sweet seasoning. (Spotted by Robbie at H-E-B.)

12 thoughts to “SPOTTED: H-E-B Mexican Hot Chocolate and Dulce de Leche Potato Chips”

  1. These might be fun but you are correct that 99% of us are over H-E-B and Sprout’s exclusives. Unlike foreign snacks, these aren’t even obtainable without a crazy road trip.

    1. I’m with you on the HEB stuff because I’m in Maryland, so Texas isn’t an option for grocery shopping. But Sprouts is in 23 states, so that’s almost half of the U.S. I’m sorry you don’t have one in your state; I have 2 within driving distance to me and they’re pretty cool stores.

    1. Texas also, who almost never goes into the grocery store. I have tried new HEB things thanks to recommendations here (and will add these to my cart right now).

  2. We don’t mind seeing incredible looking chips that we’ll never get to actually eat. A scientific study has recently indicated that crying oneself to sleep leads to quality, deep sleep…

  3. My issue with all of the HEB exclusives is they take away from the other cool stuff that could be highlighted that’d be available to all of us like the Kemp’s gingerbread man ice cream sandwiches , the buttered Poptarts (nope), or the Reese’s popcorn.

    1. I hardly think that posting exclusives from a store that might not be in your region takes away from anything posted here.

  4. I was in Texas this weekend and just so happened to go into HEB and found these. There is also a Honey Sopapilla chip which is excellent. The hot chocolate one is pretty good too.

    1. Not a Texan and didn’t even know what H-E-B was til seeing it pop up on this blog and while the two flavours here don’t appeal that much, I could definitely get on board with the honey sopapillas! I’m also really hoping that now sweet potato chips seem to be catching on over here, we will be seeing a lot more offerings akin to Japan’s honey butter chips.

  5. Tried the Mexican Hot Chocolate ones and they are nothing special, taste like plain potato chips with the very very occasional taste of something approaching sweet. Had such high hopes. I guess I’ll look for the Dulce de Leche next time but keep my expectations low

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