SPOTTED: Create a Treat Friends Central Perk Cookie Kit

Create a Treat Friends Central Perk Cookie Kit

Isn’t the door on the wrong side? Wait. Is this the Bizzaro Friends Dimension? It’s where Joey and Rachel are a couple, Ross and Phoebe are a couple, Chandler and Janice are a couple off and on forever, and Monica ends up with Tom Selleck. (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

3 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Create a Treat Friends Central Perk Cookie Kit”

  1. I think it’s correct, it’s just that it positions the main couch where the secondary couch (it’s orange, too, but darker and with some designs) near the window/Central Perk logo, as opposed to its usual central location, down stage left of the door. You can see the secondary couch/location in several episodes, including the end of The One with Unagi, when Rachel and Phoebe are sitting there and see Ross out the widow.

    Can’t see well, but are Monica and Rachel in the same weather season? Also could have had a salmon color for Ross.

  2. Er, Ross is standing next to Rachel, right? I couldn’t quite tell the difference between him and Joey, lol.

    Also, they remind me of Funko Pop characters.

  3. I just want to applaud your friends knowledge. Anyone could’ve randomly mixed characters. You chose paths the show could’ve taken!

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