SPOTTED: Goldfish Mega Bites

Goldfrish Cheddar Jalapeno Mega Bites

Poor Goldfish Puffs! Even though you’ve been gone for a long time, it must hurt that there’a a new big Goldfish in town. Keep smiling, Goldfish Puffs! Because it doesn’t look like these Mega Bites smile. Along with the Cheddar Jalapeno, there’s also a Sharp Cheddar variety. (Spotted by Jason B at Walmart.)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Goldfish Mega Bites”

  1. Oh man! I saw goldfish and mega and thought shark and THEN my mind went to recalling fruit snack pouches that I used to have as a kid called Shark Bites…

    1. Hehe. Also, I mean if they’re “mega” then couldn’t the fish size on front be the actual size and not simply enlarged to show texture? Also, we all already know what cracker texture looks like…

    2. I just bought the sharp cheddar flavor today. The crackers themselves are about the size of a quarter.

  2. They are okay. The Jalapeño Goldfish from last year were much better and easily the best goldfish ever! Bring them back!!

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