11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Extra Stuf Oreo Thins”

  1. Man, those Oreo people sure do have a lot of time on their hands…

    Sorry (not sorry), but this seems like a wholly pointless version, IMO. It’s just…such a minor tweak of a pre-existing product, that I truly don’t get why it was even produced.

    1. I see it as making sense for those who prefer the thinner cookie and still want all the cream.

  2. I will chime in as I always felt as though the actual cookie portion of the Oreos was overrated and was one of those kids who would only eat the filling. These would actually appeal to me with any of their 5000 chocolate or mint fillings.

    1. You are so weird to me, LOL. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with Oreos because I loved the cookie, but I HATED the filling! It’s so waxy, disgusting, and bad tasting! Blegh! I freaking LOVE birthday cake Oreos, though.

      1. Yet another time that you have me completely in your corner. Sooo agree (per my below diatribe). 😉

      2. I do not disagree that the filling is waxy and a bit gross which is why I have not had an Oreo since I was a kid and even then they were last choices when it came to cookies. The only real appeal was that they were fun to pull apart to see if you could get all of the filling solely on one cookie.

    2. And, here, I literally used to scrape off and throw away the filling and only eat the cookie parts (plus, whatever small smear of filling happened to remain on one of the halves). Different strokes…

      Keep in mind, FWIW, that I didn’t do that on the packages that I actually used to buy (which have always, themselves, been few and far between). I only did it when I used to get an obscene number of free packages of Oreos, at my very first marketing-research job, since once of my clients at the time was a direct competitor of Nabisco. The only way I could remotely justify eating that many Oreos, before they went stale, was to remove the “offending” lard…er, cream…portion, which I’ve never been a fan of.

      Thanks, for reading, folks. If you did, of course. 😉

  3. Don’t think I’ll try this out as I agree that regular Oreo Thins are the best iteration of Oreos and they maintain the perfect ratio. However, now I want to get a pack of Oreo Thins!

  4. How long before we see the filling from a Most Stuf Oreos combined with a Thins-style cookie? It’s a variation they haven’t tried yet.

  5. Just bought them this morning, poured a cup of tea and grabbed a few of these Oreo thins with extra stuff and all I can say is Ever So Delicious
    There is not one negative to say because once you try them you will love them as much as I do now that I tried them

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