SPOTTED: Peeps The Original Donut Shop Coffee Marshmallows

Peeps The Original Donut Shop Coffee Marshmallows

I don’t think these are caffeinated, but I’d really like to try caffeinated Peeps. I imagine if I were to eat an entire tray in one sitting, I’d be so wired that my eyes would be as open as the Peeps’ eyes.(Spotted by Robbie at Dollar Tree.)

11 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Peeps The Original Donut Shop Coffee Marshmallows”

  1. These actually sound really interesting and good (and I normally think Peeps taste disgusting)! I love all things coffee…and very often purchase boxes of The Original Donut Shop coffee pods for my Keurig; have been for years.

      1. Not enough coffee flavor, I’d venture to guess? If so, I’m not very surprised. They’re probably far more “just SUGAR-flavored”, than anything. I could be wrong, though.

        1. “sugar flavoured?” As in they just taste sweet? I’m curious, are you just not a fan of marshmallow in general?

      1. Well now I want to go to Costco and buy a box a Swiss Miss and dump all of the packets into my bathtub and also have these Peeps floating on top…for the sake of art and hilarity I just might do it…

  2. I bought a pack the other day and I like them a lot! They are far less sweet than other Peeps, which I thought brought out the coffee flavor.

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