10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix”

  1. i was chatting with a friend yesterday about the Haribo 100th Anniversary Goldbears limited edition bag with the blue raspberry party hats and we both thought they could’ve done *something* more festive/intersting there. so yeah, totally agree on the blue raspberry note here.

  2. HiChew is so good! But yeah should been more exciting. Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum flavor would be amazing.

    1. “Cotton Candy/Bubble Gum flavor would be amazing.” You understand me on a deep personal level, LOL.

      1. Blue raspberry is my favorite candy flavor of all time so I’m personally excited to try it! lol but has anyone found these anywhere else? Are they at all 7-elevens? My local candy “warehouse” store is sold out! Also… where do you find the infrusions?

  3. Yuck, yuck, yuck…agree on the blue raspberry flavor…albeit, for likely very different reasons.

    I have HATED anything and everything, with that flavor, ever since the very first item I ever tried that tasted like it, many moons ago. Everything flavored like that, that I have tried…from hard candy (Jolly Ranchers) to vodka (don’t remember the brand)…was atrociously, gaggingly sweet, and horribly artificial-flavored. The latter likely being due to the fact that, um, well, there is no such thing in nature as a blue raspberry.

    Far secondarily, I agree it’s not that “fantastical”, nor original. I, too, would LOVE a bubble gum flavor, however. Here, too, not original, per se…but WAY tastier than blue raspberry.

      1. I have not, but…maaan, do those sound SUPER yummy! 😀

        I’ll have to ask my colleagues, at work, about them. I’m one of only two US employees in my firm; everyone else is in London (where the company is HQ’d)…so, certainly, at least one of them will have had (or at least heard of) these. I should see if one of them is willing to send me a package (or two or…) of this delectable-sounding item!

    1. I bought two bags at H-Mart and neither of them even had a single blue raspberry piece in them!!! I’m so disappointed!!

  4. I agree, Cotton Candy would be better than Blue Raspberry. Or Coconut Cream Cheescake, Butter Toffee, Caramel Green Apple, or Mango Cream Pudding.

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