8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Hi-Chew Fantasy Mix”

  1. i was chatting with a friend yesterday about the Haribo 100th Anniversary Goldbears limited edition bag with the blue raspberry party hats and we both thought they could’ve done *something* more festive/intersting there. so yeah, totally agree on the blue raspberry note here.

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck…agree on the blue raspberry flavor…albeit, for likely very different reasons.

    I have HATED anything and everything, with that flavor, ever since the very first item I ever tried that tasted like it, many moons ago. Everything flavored like that, that I have tried…from hard candy (Jolly Ranchers) to vodka (don’t remember the brand)…was atrociously, gaggingly sweet, and horribly artificial-flavored. The latter likely being due to the fact that, um, well, there is no such thing in nature as a blue raspberry.

    Far secondarily, I agree it’s not that “fantastical”, nor original. I, too, would LOVE a bubble gum flavor, however. Here, too, not original, per se…but WAY tastier than blue raspberry.

      1. I have not, but…maaan, do those sound SUPER yummy! 😀

        I’ll have to ask my colleagues, at work, about them. I’m one of only two US employees in my firm; everyone else is in London (where the company is HQ’d)…so, certainly, at least one of them will have had (or at least heard of) these. I should see if one of them is willing to send me a package (or two or…) of this delectable-sounding item!

  3. I agree, Cotton Candy would be better than Blue Raspberry. Or Coconut Cream Cheescake, Butter Toffee, Caramel Green Apple, or Mango Cream Pudding.

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