SPOTTED: Funfetti Mini Pancakes and Funfetti Unicorn Mini Pancakes

Funfetti Mini Pancakes Buttermilk with Candy Bits

Funfetti Unicorn Mini Panackes

A long time ago, I publicly wrote that I think Pillsbury should start making things for us instead of having us bake or cook everything ourselves. With Pillsbury cookies and these Funfetti frozen mini pancakes, it makes me feel as if Pillsbury is listening to lazy people like me. (Spotted by Amanda Y at Kroger.)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Funfetti Mini Pancakes and Funfetti Unicorn Mini Pancakes”

  1. I’m lost…am I not noticing something here? What’s the difference between the two?! Is it just because one package has an image of a unicorn on it?! This unicorn stuff is getting out of hand!

  2. They used to make the funfetti mini pancakes years ago, and I’m SO glad they started making them again! They are great, I can’t wait to buy some!

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