SPOTTED: Nestle Coffee mate Drumstick Creamer

Nestle Coffee mate Drumstick Creamer

I imagine this will have the flavors of the frozen dairy dessert, chocolatey coating, and peanuts, but I’m not sure about the cone. It should because it’s not just a vessel for everything else. It’s an integral part of what makes a Drumstick taste good. (Spotted by Michael F at Walmart.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Nestle Coffee mate Drumstick Creamer”

  1. dying, i saw the headline in my blog reader before i clicked over and for half a second, i thought ‘chicken drumstick’.

    1. i’m not a huge fan of the chocolate on the Drumstick cones, but i think Coffeemate does well with the graham cracker-ish and cookie flavours in some of their other varieties, so I’m curious how well they capture the sugar cone aspect.

    2. Chicken flavored coffee creamer. What a horrifying thought. As if regular coffee wasn’t disgusting enough.

        1. I like both of you ladies, a lot…but gotta side with Holly May, here, Jane. Not liking coffee is downright blasphemy. 😉

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