SPOTTED: Reese’s Snack Bar

Reese s Snack Bar

This shouldn’t be confused with Reese’s Snack Barz that were available yearz ago. Those had crispy rice, marshmallow with Reese’s peanut butter, and Hershey’s chocolate. (Spotted by Jason B at GetGo.)

9 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Reese’s Snack Bar”

  1. I bought the Reese’s Snack Bar from a Walmart in September 2021 (just checked my purchase history). It was a huge disappointment. This bar was somehow not sweet enough, not salty enough & did not taste at all like a Reese’s product. With or without the peanut butter and chocolate, the bar itself was incredibly bland, too. I would only buy a Reese’s Snack Bar again if it was the only choice left in a vending machine and I was stuck somewhere killing time. I paid $1.18, which wouldn’t be terrible if this was actually a tasty product instead of a half effort product slapped with Reese’s name on it.

  2. So…by legal definition is adding a grain all it takes for a “candy bar” to turn into a “snack bar?”

    1. I was looking at these thinking something similar. For 280 calories I’d rather just eat a bunch of actual Reece’s.

    1. The peanut brittle cup was amazing! I’m so glad that I found some and got to try it. Wish that I had stockpiled because they seemed to quickly disappear.

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