SPOTTED: Smartfood Doritos Nacho Cheese Popcorn


Frito-Lay isn’t done with putting its iconic flavors on other snacks. Now you can get Doritos dust on your fingers by dipping them into a bag of Smartfood Doritos Nacho Cheese Popcorn. A 17-ounce bag is now available exclusively at Sam’s Club until the end of April. (Image via the PR firm representing Sam’s Club, but I spotted it on Instacart.)

5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Smartfood Doritos Nacho Cheese Popcorn”

  1. Lay’s should sell seasonings that they put on chips into bottles. Call it “Lay’s Shakers” and it would be amazing.

    1. Those would definitely sell! They’d probably be profitable simply by the fact that they would be sold branded.

      The “Kernel Seasons” popcorn seasoning shakers essentially have their own versions of flavours that are akin to many chip seasoning powders in the meantime.

  2. I’m not necessarily having buyers remorse for this product, but the “Doritos Nacho Cheese” flavor is not really coming through on the popcorn. It takes like regular cheesy popcorn :(.

  3. Speaking of Doritos…I saw Doritos “Ultimate Cheddar” chips at the grocery store (Kroger) today? I’d be interested in reading aside by side comparison review of those versus the Nacho Cheddar chips. It really seems like they’re just going for novelty sales nowadays by releasing so many various versions of their chips or by adding their seasoning to other products…guess they’re playing up to the short attention/interest span of what has become of modern culture. Stimulus overload.

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