BACK ON SHELVES: Snapple Elements

Snapple Elements Fire

Snapple Elements Air

Snapple Elements Rain

Snapple Elements have returned. Well, three of them. Fire is sweetened with the natural fruit flavor of Dragon Fruit. Air is sweetened with prickly pear & peach with the light taste of white tea. Rain flavor is agave cactus flavored. (Fire and Rain spotted by Hailey R at Casey’s and Hy-Vee. Air spotted by Brittany H at Kroger.)

15 thoughts to “BACK ON SHELVES: Snapple Elements”

  1. i was recently reminded of SoBe and Fruitopia beverages. never tried Snapple Elements… actually, i didn’t really drink Snapple until i was well into my 30’s, but now Snapple Apple is one of my all time favourite drinks.

  2. Yo holy hell my wife and I were just talking about these! Hell to the yeah this brings back college memories

  3. I don’t recall these or quite get the concept. All I know is that I saw “fire” and assumed it was a spicy flavoured bev…

  4. Just noticed Earth isn’t returning. I could’ve sworn there was another one that isn’t coming back but maybe I’m mistaken

    1. I’m 99% positive you are, but no harm no foul. I remember there only being four flavors. I was obsessed with the Rain flavor, and I liked the Fire one a lot. I really didn’t care for one of the others (can’t remember which), and I was indifferent to the other flavor.

        1. You’re correct, my bad. I vaguely remember it. I be ver cared about any of the flavors except for Rain and Fire.

  5. I’ve never tried these but love snapple so hope to find them all. Another website review said they used to have caffeine and now don’t. Which is good news for me cuz I can’t have it lol

  6. Fire is my go to!! My daughter just recently had air and I was telling her about the 90s bottles. I have missed these!

  7. where can i find these in Maine???????? i want to find rain again! ive been signing petitions for years to bring these back!

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