7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Sonic the Hedgehog Cereal”

  1. I’ll never forget the day that we got our Sega Genesis. Came home from a Girl Scouts “Sock Hop,” to find that state of the art gaming system! So exciting! I will also never forget the fact that whenever we played Sonic and Tails my brother would only ever let me be Tails…

    1. I wonder if this will taste like actual Honey nut cheerios or if it’ll have a different honey taste. Hopefully, it’s not just cheerios with lucky charms marshmallows. Although, that wouldn’t be bad in itself. According to Cerealously.net, this was supposed to be released in late March before the movie came out. Glad to see it’s still being released. Now hopefully we actually get it in local stores around the country.

  2. Doubt it’s actual Cheerios. General Mills does not splurge for premium grains like oats with gimmicky cereals.

  3. I’d love to try it but why why why do they have to put marshmallows in it. I love marshmallows just not in cereal. This is a tough one…..

  4. Cerealousy already tried it and said it was bland tasting corn pieces with the slightest hint of honey. Basically, a disappointment.

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