SPOTTED: Sunkist Mango Orange

Sunkist Mango Orange

Just in time for the warmer months. I can’t wait to run into this sun and feel all orange (and mango) inside. (Insert here attempts to shoehorn past Sunkist slogans.) (Spotted by Robbie at Walmart.)

8 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Sunkist Mango Orange”

  1. Oooh, I hope that it’s available in 20 oz. bottles, even better yet in a diet version.

    1. Gigachad, I immediately go for the 20oz version of new sodas because I don’t want to purchase a whole 12-pack of cans, then realize I don’t like the flavor and have to toss or give away the rest. As for your views on diet soda, it has fewer calories. If you care about your calorie intake, drinking a diet soda will keep your calorie count lower. That is the only dietary benefit it provides and most people know that nowadays. It’s not a miracle dietary supplement. Many people, no matter their weight, prefer lower calorie options vs completely abstaining from sodas and the like. Save your judgements for people you actually know a bit about. The Impulsive Buy is NOT the place for your attempts at body shaming.

      1. Thank you, Greg! And yep, I just do LTO flavours in individual portions to see what I think rather than going all in too. And for me, I just personally prefer the diet/zero sugar pops better because they taste a bit less cloyingly sweet. Also, sometimes these LTOs are just a fun impulse buy (err, I mean impulsive buy 😉 ) when I’m at the gas station or grocery check outs!

    2. Gigachad, *for me* (a lean-ish guy, wanting to remain that way): I drink diet soda because I want some flavor (water gets tiresome) and the carbonation buzz, especially after dinner (it feels as if the carbonation gets my stomach to relax), but I don’t want the empty calories of sugared soda (I’d rather save the calories for some chocolate 😉 ) and I don’t like the overly-sugar hit/buzz/digestive track effect I get with sugared soda. And so, *for me*, it seems that diet soda actually indeed does do something for me.

    3. Unfortunately, most of us going for the DIET version is for a more important reason. I am a diabetic and can’t have the high sugar content in regular soda’s. Especially if this is anything like a Mountain Dew as far as sugar content!

    4. I too, am/was hoping for a diet version. The second I laid eyes on the picture, I thought to myself, “Ohhh, I’d love this, if it were diet!” I simply hate the cloyingly sweet taste of regular sodas.

      Having said that, I hold out little hope for a diet version ever being made.

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