7 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Kellogg’s Dragon Green Apple Waffles”

  1. I think they are running out of warm and fuzzy mythical creatures, so they might start using something more menacing like a kraken or a gargoyle.

    1. I’d love to see a kraken! I have been a lifetime fan of all things octopus-related…even if it’s a creepy version.

      I am intrigued by the green-apple flavor, of this. While I don’t care much for actual green apples (nor any apples), I’ve always enjoyed green-apple-flavored things (hello, Jolly Rancher).

  2. I’d love to know who asked for this. Ick! I love waffles, but fake green apple flavor does not belong in a waffle.

  3. I wanna that sprinkles!

    But why not they do something better? Lemon waffles? Orange Cream Waffles (orange with white chocolate pieces)

  4. Llama? Yak?

    Kraken is actually a great idea. Idk what flavor it could be though. They already did blue raspberry for Mermaid and raspberry for Narwhal. Maybe purple waffles with blackberry flavor?

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