SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Purple Thunder (Circle K Exclusive)

Mtn Dew Purple Thunder  Circle K Exclusive

Mtn Dew has a new store-exclusive flavor — Purple Thunder. It follows the still-Dollar-General-exclusive Maui Burst and the one-time Speedway-exclusive Spark (which was available at other retailers earlier this year). Purple Thunder is a Dew with a blast of berry plum. When I look at its purple color, I can’t help but dream of Mtn Dew Pitch Black. Yes, yes, yes, the beloved grape-flavored Dew was much darker. But I see purple, and Pitch Black is all I can think of. Anyhoo, Purple Thunder is rolling out to Circle K stores now. It’s available in 20-ounce bottles and on Polar Pop fountains. (Thanks to Mountain Dew and Circle K for the samples and info.)

10 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Mtn Dew Purple Thunder (Circle K Exclusive)”

  1. I really like it. Tried both the fountain version, and I’m drinking the bottled version right now. It’s kind of like if Pitch Black and Voltage were mixed together, but with a plum aftertaste instead of grape.

  2. They sent you samples Marvo? Lucky!

    Closest Circle K to me is about an hour and a half away. Worth the drive?

  3. Tried this on Tuesday when I stopped at a Circle K here in Colorado Springs and got the fountain version. LOVED IT.

  4. Found this at a Gas station called Holiday (owned by the same company as Circle K).

    1. Excellent! I was wondering if Holidays were going to have this. I remember some months ago they missed out on a Circle K exclusive Frito Lay snack.

  5. I think it was pretty good, but nothing exceptional as far as other Dew flavors go. Better, yet similar, to Pitch Black imho. Forgot to look for the fountain version but I’ll get that soon to compare.

  6. Must be a regional release. Tried 4 Circle K’s in central NJ, and none of them had it and the cashiers hadn’t heard about it.

    1. I hope we have it here (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky!) The is the first limited time that I’ve really felt like seeking out since Major Melon.

      Sidenote: I think this is the first new MTN Dew post in who knows how long that hasn’t just simply had a chorus of “Meh. At least it’d be a good mixer.” 🙂

  7. Still don’t have this new Mountain Dew Purple Thunder at my local Circle K right outside my work. They got sign up all over advertising for this new product but still out of stock in both the bottle and fountain. But they did have it but only in the fountain at the next Circle K which is 3 miles away when I went this past weekend on Saturday morning. Hopefully my Circle K get this back in stock soon for both Bottle and Fountain. Really liked when I did try it

  8. We can’t get it in bottles here in Fort Wayne they have the fountain but can’t get the bottles In

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