SPOTTED: Seagram’s Danger Zone Ginger Creme (AMC Coke Freestyle Exclusive)

Seagram s Danger Zone Ginger Creme  AMC Coke Freestyle Exclusive

Now I have Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” stuck in my head. Highway to the Danger Zone. Ride into the Danger Zone.. Yup that’s going to be in my head for a while. (Spotted by Ryan K at AMC Theaters.)

6 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Seagram’s Danger Zone Ginger Creme (AMC Coke Freestyle Exclusive)”

  1. LOL “honey let’s hightail it over to AMC RIGHT NOW to get their EXCLUSIVE ginger creme soda!!!!!!!”

    1. …if they say “YES!!!” then they’re a keeper; especially if they treat you to a bag of theatre popcorn also since you’re there.

  2. Ugh I would love to try this but we don’t have any AMCs by us… dead ass if we did I’d pop in and just buy a soda

  3. I never “got” that Kenny was singing “Ride” into the danger zone. Thanks, I guess.

    1. Same. I guess I always thought he was saying “Right into the Danger Zone.”

  4. Can report that it’s pretty darn tasty, even in its Zero variant. Tried it the first time we saw Everything Everywhere All At Once and got it again the next two times we watched the movie, and then again for Dr Strange (the other multiverse movie).

    No joke, I’m actually a bit frustrated that this one is an LTO flavor; I don’t think Ginger Ale Vanilla is part of their typical flavor rotation but it works so darn well that it should stick around. It felt like a responsibly-sweet cream soda, and the ginger really helped cut the sweetness by adding depth.

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