5 thoughts to “SPOTTED: Little Debbie Unicorn Cake Sparkling Strawberry Ice Cream”

  1. I think that they should use actual cake pieces from the real dessert than generic cake pieces. That way it will match the taste of the dessert.

  2. I was never able to find any of the other Little Debbie ice cream flavors. These were either limited quantities or no store near me ever had them.

    1. Distribution of these was pretty weird. Even for Walmarts that did get them, seems like they got exactly one shipment and were never replenished.

    2. Andrew, I work at a Walmart and the little Debbie ice cream are actually in with the ice cream now…rather than on the end (which is we had ours)…but with that being said…the little Debbie ice cream is on the mod so there should be more frequent shipments of them of our daily trucks.

  3. I saw this one tonight along with a Little Debbie Star Crunch ice cream. Matter of fact, bought those two, Grey Poupon Mustard with pretzel, Honey Cornbread with strawberry jam, and an Espresso Fior Latte Chip.

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